Tunes of the Soul

Good Regulation of Creation

If you at any time come to feel and wonder

What the intent is of all life…
Research Nature’s Legal guidelines in miniature

And in magnitude the exact same policies!


There is Cosmic Regulation and purpose

Which the normal person’s blind to –

Possessing in no way stopped to wonder

What there is beyond existence.


Starting up with the smallest cycle

And the all-natural Regulation learned

Then bear witness that this ripples

Out to limitless worlds Unseen


Character teaches us our lessons

Benefits us with jewels of wisdom

Options to our tiny issues

Vision of what greater Daily life is.


Have you ever felt and questioned

What is actually the purpose of your lifetime span?

Then choose all your budding talents

And develop to entire expression!


Very best we all should prevent and surprise

At the glory of life’s true presents

And make an energy to express

All skills, however in miniature!

The Finest Lover

The Fantastic Lover of us all

Has opened extensive my senses

Clarified my notion

To see the Great Structure clear

Beckoning as a magnet my mortal gaze


With designs of Perfection

Types powering the clear…
Terrific Love awaits with persistence

Method of rapturous coronary heart

Requiring Love’s spirit to provide its Vision.


May well know-how of the Great Adore

Maintain us in all our trials

As we practical experience discovering

Agony, struggling and enjoyment

In the terrific, great education of our earthly Everyday living


Could we know that each individual results

Demo and trouble prevail over

Brings us nearer to the beat

Of Love’s heart of passion pure

Centred in our Lord, the ever supplying Sun


Excellent Lover I as soon as longed for

Has granted me superior reward

For distressing heart’s knowledge

As moi dreams soften absent

Leaves me cost-free to shine with my have internal light


Now no cost from self devotion

My coronary heart throbs and blends without having

The living environment of magnificence

From Earth’s main to the Heavens

As I enjoy all lifestyle I really feel beloved of ALL.

If I Experienced Loved An additional

If I experienced beloved another

I might have under no circumstances felt as now

By no means would have observed flexibility

Figuring out everyday living Common.

I searched for Like and tasted

All the bitter-sweet delights

They passed as ever forward

My fond heart attained out for God.

If I had cherished one more

Who experienced under no circumstances felt as I

Love would have identified its limitations

In the hollow of the ego.

But at any time have I observed it

That the shallow research for self

Must prolong, embrace all lifetime

To bring peace and like to Earth.

If we experienced by no means liked every single other

We’d have hardly ever felt entire as now

That the priest and priestess inside of us

Can take our soul love’s presenting straight on Higher.

Life’s Day-to-day Prayer
Expensive God that rises with the early morning Solar,

With claims of pleasure and finer items to come

And of endearing absolutions –

Thou A person that sweepst away the darkish and allows

All residing creatures to impart

To all that’s performed, a glorious certainty

With faith in Thee and their personal spark of Divinity…

Cleanse my Soul and make me absolutely free to start afresh!
Fantastic God that with comprehensive strength flowing

And with unquenchable electric power bestows full blessing

At the drenching of the noonday second

Making it possible for no dwelling detail to creep or shrink

From Thee and Thy excellent might

And with unmatched grandeur asserts its spot in heaven

In its excellent central and celestial sovereignty…

Empower my currently being with self confidence unfailing –

to fulfill with matchless courage my do the job and future!

Oh, Thou terrific King at thy excellent royal departure

With fanfare and with pageantry and grandeur

Lingering in Thy retirement

In radiance which, reflecting on land and residing planet, cloud and sea

Teaching the generosity of that Thou hast imparted –

The Wisdom of the Gentle further than the Mild

Which, becoming noticed makes sacred just about every sacrifice

And in the love of giving, every single to each individual and all to All

Arrives Consciousness and new conceptions in the realms of Daily life…

Impart the Enjoy of Thy generous heart to mine in miniature!
Oh, silent and tender God of Excellent Invisibility

Who by withdrawal from the cycles and the rhythm

Of our day dominated by our senses

Lead hearts to Hope and Faith and interior Recognition

That there is often That over and above our comprehension

Oh God of the fantastic Midnight Darkness

And keen messenger with wings of considered Divine…
Whisper to my Soul truthful tidings and pray, enable me softly increase into celestial snooze!…
And I know that with the Mastery of Morning

And with Ascension of our Lord the Solar

My soul will stir to new-born resolutions

To harmonize with everyday living and sense at Just one

To commence once more the cyclic hard work

And all the strivings to Grow to be!

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