Light-weight Therapy For the Eyes – The Spectral Receptivity Program

Considering the fact that the publication of Jacob Liberman’s guide, Light-weight-Medication of the Long run in 1991, and the other get the job done finished by folks like David Tumey and William Sheline, advancements continued in the engineering required to deliver at any time a lot more efficient healing through the use of light-weight. (Non-invasive technological innovation, lifelight).

When I went to my optometrist, Dr. Earl Lizotte, for my once-a-year eye test in June of 2002, I advised him that I had been going through some problem with “observing” with my existing prescription and I asked him if he believed that I required an additional collection of gentle treatment options to construct upon the sequence that I had experienced 9 many years formerly.

In 1993 the sequence was provided a number of instances a week – mine was three moments a week for eight weeks. The success of these 20-4 remedies had been sizeable advancement in vision acuity (sharpness of sight) primarily in my correct “lazy” eye, and the finish of this eye getting crossed and concentrating with my left eye. I experienced drastically expanded array of vision in all directions, and night vision. I could see hues and objects on my countryside walks immediately after dim. But, in 2002, Dr. Lizotte pointed out to me that a new Spectral Receptivity Process experienced been produced by Universal Gentle Technology in Carbondale, Colorado, that was far more highly effective than the projection method I was uncovered to in 1993. This was the program he was now using and the classes ended up greatest provided the moment a 7 days above a period of time of weeks. I acquired ten treatment options making use of the new Spectral Receptivity Trainer. As soon as once again my vision acuity and array of eyesight improved drastically and some night eyesight returned. But, I unsuccessful to do any maintenance treatments, so in 2006 my vision acuity had started to decline. I was examined by Dr. Lizotte in March. My vary of vision was great and my ideal eye that was crossed and focusing with my remaining eye experienced remained straight considering that 1993.

In August 2006, I started a new series of 10 remedies principally to hopefully make improvements to acuity in my right eye. In addition to ten classes making use of the Spectral Receptivity Coach that jobs gentle frequencies shaped like complete moons employing the analogy of a “balance board,” with pink (low electricity, prolonged wavelength) at 1 stop affecting the sympathetic nervous technique, the spectrum of pulsating lights proceeds throughout the board – orange, yellow, environmentally friendly, blue, indigo – with violet (high energy, shorter wavelength) influencing the parasympathetic anxious procedure at the other end. The balancing fulcrum is situated at environmentally friendly. The sequence is then repeated from the violet conclusion back to the fulcrum of green.

The relaxation of just about every session was a collection of a few various eye – hand, gentle – bodily motion workouts. 1 analyzed area of eyesight, and the other two examined the link between what my balanced optic nerve in the appropriate eye was getting and what my mind was deciphering. I had specific trouble with a single physical exercise that involved viewing, saying what a single observed (the path of a printed arrow), saying the reverse of what one observed, though at the very same time shifting my cupped two fingers, palms up in the very same or reverse path from what I was looking at and/or saying. The very same way was and is no difficulty for me. The opposite route still is unless of course I move slowly, deliberately, and repeat to myself the instruction supplied for a distinct printed arrow.

When the ten session series ended I was retested and this is Dr. Lizotte’s diagnosis: “Bernard Fleury has a historical past of congenital amblyopia of his ideal eye. His ideal correctable vision with lenses was 20/60. With each eyes open up his correct eye would suppress, thus demanding him to do his visible capabilities with his still left eye. He also created a ideal exotropia (out eye switch).

Adhering to a series of phototherapy sessions, he now (December 13, 2006) has greatest corrected eyesight of 20/30 (a two moments enhancement) in his correct eye. His eyes are now straight and he no extended suppresses his appropriate eye.”

As a final result of these therapies my new eyeglass prescription is much less sturdy and geared to generating my ideal eye functionality appropriately.

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