The Zen Learn and the Ducks

The old Zen story goes some thing like this: The Zen grasp and a college student were going for walks in the woods, when they noticed ducks flying overhead.

“What do you see,” the Zen learn asked the college student.

“Ducks,” the university student answered.

“Where did they go,” asked the Zen master.

“They flew away,” replied the scholar.

The Zen master grabbed the student’s nose and twisted it, and as the student cried out in discomfort, the Zen grasp mentioned, “When have ducks ever flown away?”

One particular interpretation of this Zen koan is that no particular person duck exists in Actuality, there are only the collective “ducks,” with a person duck getting no unique from an additional and they have never flown away, they have normally been.

The pupil could only see the ducks inside the framework of existence and time, while the Zen grasp could see their eternal mother nature . . . for this reason, they could never ever fly absent. The element that the pupil imagined flew absent is the personal part that we see when we separate ourselves from the rest of humanity.

The university student, in her thoughts, struggled with the duality of existence I am listed here now, but sometime I will be lifeless and long gone, and then what? Whereas the Zen grasp sees no endings or beginnings, only the consistent circulation of existence within just time, a circulation that is irrelevant. Nothing at all genuinely issues or variations, despite the fact that in the minimal eyesight of the student, all the things changes frequently.

This ongoing battle and conflict for the college student is the student’s basis of struggling and her confusion of everyday living that prohibits her from the flexibility that exists further than her structured imagined. Even so, she are unable to crack out of the patterns she has shaped from her encounter she can’t break out of her jail. If she could, she would see that the ducks could by no means fly absent.

Likewise, we imprison ourselves as nicely. Loss of life to us is a whole ending of all we keep dear, and we panic death. Our religions assistance minimal, and even with great faith, we continue to are uncomfortable with leaving driving all that we have accrued our relationships, our achievements and our residence, but we can’t take any of this with us, and we see ourselves as people today, dealing with this conclusion of existence predicament on your own.

This is a horrible misunderstanding. We are never an particular person, apart from in fundamental standard conditions that allow for us to purpose within just existence, but when we get past existence and into the real Actuality that is the foundation of all existence, there is no differentiation, we are all genuinely just one. We can practical experience this truth it is not challenging to do, just give up all that would seem vital to you. Not that you depart your loved ones, but give up your attachment to them, and embrace them with a genuine enjoy that encompasses all of humanity.

Be thorough of the insurance plan policies, the beliefs, and religions that promise our individual minimal selves a survival just after loss of life, and as a substitute have the courage to glimpse in yet another course. Break through the emptiness of the reduction of worldly pursuits, and into a earth that can not be imagined – that of accurate Fact. All that we are and all that we have will disappear when demise separates our illusions from this Fact, and if we can length ourselves from our attachments right before this transpires, right before the recycling, then we is not going to have to return to these similar varieties of attachments in yet another life time we will be absolutely free to go on.

The Zen learn, in a number of terms, was striving to inform his pupil about these factors, but the scholar was not still ready to hear. She had not emptied her brain of all the confusion and illusions that retained her in turmoil, she experienced not yet discovered accurate meditation, wherever the student was no for a longer period a college student, but instead was practically nothing far more than a duck, that could never ever fly away. . . .

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