Faith And The No List Virus

The No Checklist Virus is spreading quickly at retail retail outlet look at out counters throughout the state. Widespread responses to buyer questions by shop clerks are a stick to:

1. No, you can not use that coupon. It has expired.

2. No, that merchandise is not on sale. I really don’t care what the retail store flyer states.

3. No, we don’t have that in this article.

4. No, we are not able to get it for you.

5. No, you won’t be able to buy considerably less than a pound.

6. No, the manager is not available.

7. No, you won’t be able to have 2 flavors of ice product in the smaller cup.

8. No, I are not able to do that.

9. No, I will not likely do that.

10. No, you won’t be able to substitute one merchandise for a different.

My fellow Americans, I beseech you, is this any way to run a country? What at any time transpired to consumer service? What ever took place to faith in our fellow person or woman? What ever occurred to the Yes Listing? What ever transpired to Gods commandments to be sort and caring?

Of course Record products that have been excluded include things like:

1. Yes, I would appreciate to carry your deals to the automobile.

2. Certainly, I can support you obtain that.

3. Sure, I can promote you 50 percent a loaf.

4. Sure, we can order that in your dimension for you.

5. Certainly, you can have 2 flavors of ice product in the tiny cup.

6. Of course, The manager will be right with you.

7. Sure, you can substitute that merchandise for the other a person.

8. Of course, you can invest in significantly less than a pound.

9. Sure, you can use that coupon even however the expiration date was final 7 days.

10. Certainly, I will be satisfied to do that for you.

Company Gurus wake up. The place is your religion in your consumers? Where by is your shopper provider? How about earning the globe a friendlier position to stay in? Exactly where is your religion in God?

As you can see, I have been getting some troubles in retail outlets these days, how about you? How about currently being a tiny kinder when it is your switch to say sure or no? How about having a little religion in your fellow person or lady? You do want to be viewed as a human being of religion, don’t you?

Remember to assistance us get rid of the No Record Virus. How about a return to civility? The earth could be watching. It truly is not just the overhead cameras in retail merchants that you have to worry about, God may perhaps be observing much too.

© Copyright Arthur Levine 2006

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