Transcendence and Meditation – Important to Defeating Coronavirus Naturally

The pursuing four scriptures — plus a key verse from Bhagavad-Gita — when recognized and executed, have profound bearings on defeating coronavirus the natural way as a result halting its unfold globally, for eventually, self-immunity will be the reply.

Retain this idea of well being and of self-immunity in mind although studying this write-up.

‘Jesus rose body and soul gloriously and triumphantly into heaven’ Luke 24–51

All through my teens and early university-going several years, on listening to or looking through these words and phrases, I would check with myself consistently, ‘how on earth is that feat doable, is this for real’?

Back again then, the closely indoctrinated spiritual priest/lecturers, and their fundamentalist strategy to scriptures, remaining no room for wholesome questioning. For them, institutional literal Scripture was serious, the very matter the Bible warns against. All the things biblical back again then was predicated on blind religion related to their possess, there currently being no area in their inn for a broader point of view. We either excepted artifical institutional scripture or excommunicated our-self from ‘their’ church.

How times have modified.

Comprehension some biblical terms.

So, beyond blind religion, how basically does ‘rising’ into heaven come about, how is this bodily attainable?

Incredibly, the answer to this and related inquiries had been uncovered generations ago by the ancient rishis of India in the 5-thousand years plus immortal Bhagavad-Gita.

So, allow us put the earlier mentioned scripture into relatable mature context, supported by esoteric knowing.

To grasp this and the following transformative scriptures entirely, it is critical to realize what selected biblical phrases like ‘Jesus’ and ‘man’ symbolize esoterically.

Just continue to keep in thoughts – an open 1 ideally — that, the verses about to be decoded, are all pertinent to defeating coronavirus.

So, biblical ‘Jesus’ is a offered title that means ‘Ideal Man’, the Fantastic or Transcendent Thoughts – ‘Man’ is symbolism for Mind.

Isaiah 11-6 puts it: “And the Wolf shall dwell with the Lamb”

Not seeming obvious — for currently being intensely coded – but, when translated, Isaiah sums up beautifully the treatment of ‘rising gloriously and triumphantly into heaven’, as we shall see.

‘The wolf shall dwell with the Lamb’ interprets a course of action of integration, in which ‘wolf’, becoming symbolism for brain/lessen intellect and senses, that these ‘shall dwell’, integrate, be in unity — cease their acquired exercise — therefore increase to the level of heaven in our own consciousness.

Mounting into heaven consequently is not about a bodily human body somehow defying the legislation of gravity and increasing up into the sky. Rather, soaring usually takes location within the head, increasing up spiritually within just consciousness, that, it can be the brain/senses/lower-moi which — on becoming remodeled — rise to the state of Heavenly recognition, of, Perfect Wellness consciousness.

Wolf and Lamb consequently graphically depict the seeming unachievable state of affairs. Isaiah is pointing out that the lower ‘fatted calf’, the human intellect/senses blended, which he conditions, the wolf — shall stop all lusting, craving, ravenous sense-consciousness action and dwell [merge in stillness] AS the Lamb [of God, of, Pure Innocence].

Jesus claimed: “It is penned”:

“Male does not are living by bread by itself but on each and every word that comes from the mouth of God” – Matthew 4-4.”

The esoteric expression: “It is written” usually means, presently established, composed in stone, or, the unchanging Reality of one’s Becoming. That, as we are each born both of those relative and complete at the same time, that, this [teaching] relates to our implies of ‘soul feed’ from the Absolute.

The just take-absent is: food items which we invest in or improve would make the actual physical relative earth physique, but that, Spirit is which nourishes, and forms, the complete imperishable spiritual overall body. Also, that, feeding the ego/senses/brain with intellectual pleasures only does not alter the point out of the soul upward – that’s why the non secular worth of fasting, of denying the five senses their ‘craving’ activities.

This scripture broadens the earlier Isaiah message. It sets the esoteric agenda for defeating coronavirus, for, finally, it is we who should put into action these scriptures almost, make them alive and real in our existence past perception units and mental ‘food’, which foods, in some instances, from the religious reward component, can be de-vitalized foodstuff-words.

The adhering to translation clarifies the words ‘bread’ and ‘man’ into extra relatable terms.

1 Corinthians 21 places it:

“For just as loss of life arrived by suggests of a gentleman, in the identical way the rising from death will come by means of a gentleman.”

When mirrored upon esoterically — in terms of going to heaven and defeating coronavirus — this verse is one particular of the most pivotal to realize, as we shall see.

‘Man’ right here, as mentioned previously, is symbolism for head, consequently, mounting or ascension into heaven is by suggests of the thoughts. ‘Death’ right here indicating decline of religious consciousness. In other words, as it was the born-into animalistic mind which prompted loss – or death — of conscious or mindful make contact with with everlasting Spirit, it’s as a result of the very same thoughts, when awakened and remodeled, that our soul regains divine standing, regains eternal consciousness, which awareness sorts the Resurrection overall body, that of divine consciousness — to include covid immunity.

So, in get for intellect to increase gloriously and triumphantly into the kingdom of like, peace and healing, it ought to experience non secular Bread or, Mana, as in, Guy+A, meaning, intellect nourished in vibrational ‘A’ as in, ‘A’UM, the sacred vibration of generation which on your own potential customers to transcendence, which by yourself nourishes and transforms, recalibrates, the overall respiratory and anxious program into earning Ascent probable and experiential. To this final result, when the bodily body feeds on earth foods, the brain — meaning ‘man’ — nourishes on spiritual MANA or ‘Word of God’ AUM vibration. So, by means of each day consumption into the intellect of Aum vibration, of Mana, thoughts ‘feasts’ lavishly on Overall health and Bliss from the complete eternal realm.

What is transcendence and how does a single transcend?

As the over biblical authors had been speaking from really created meditative/transcendent intellects – and not sermonizing in any formal religion context — thus, to fully grasp their trance revelations at the realistic amount, it is really essential that we cognize just what comes about in brain and overall body through meditation prior to transcendence.

Meditation is a journey into the Excellent: a journey into Lifestyle, into our own consciousness. A journey of human awareness unto non secular transformation. A journey of beating, of revelation and Ascent unto everlasting consciousness.

To this final result, as the breath lowers in amplitude in meditation, so mind and physique also lessen to negligible or, the very least exercise. This the very least activity, of lessening the metabolic approach, corresponds to pure consciousness, to best health. This condition of the very least head/entire body/breath action, of non-passivity, lies outside the plane of the product earth, it is the realm of absolute Becoming.

The very least exercise, of going from gross to delicate, represents suspension of ageing and the anxiety-generating hormones. Such is when the breath, nervous technique and conditioned intellect, though simultaneously knowledgeable, ascend unto transcendental consciousness.

So transcendence IS eternity, transcendence IS Staying, transcendence IS Heaven as our risen consciousness, the Resurrection of the new spiritual health and fitness overall body,

What is Remaining?

The term Becoming indicates ‘to be’ as in Be-ing. Currently being is everlasting: always was, generally will be, meaning Becoming is Omnipresence, almost everywhere concurrently. So, if we’re to believe the condition-character of Heaven, of Staying, we’ve just ‘to be’ inside of, in an effortless way. This represents meditation minus perception programs, which, engage in no element in the process.

Meditation hence expands the acutely aware ability of intellect – generating the unconscious mindful — as a result establishing mind in Omnipresence status: alignment with the everlasting cosmic daily life force, the vibratory nature of Transcendent Being.

To accommodate conscious return to Becoming, our consciousness need to re-orientate to endure pure transcendental silence. Consequently, transcendence, like steel to magnet, takes place by legislation, when brain becomes obviously drawn upward, drawn gloriously and triumphantly unto renaturing as eternal bliss.

Outside of the rules of character and defeating coronavirus

Health and fitness is main and is the quite nature of Currently being. In this context, regards getting Being consciousness, Lord Krishna, in the immortal Bhagavad Gita, places it to Arjuna, symbolism for you/me:

“Be without the need of the a few gunas O Arjuna” — ch 2 v 45.

In other words and phrases, transcend the laws [of nature] which govern the field of relativity and unwell-wellbeing and enter the realm of transcendental consciousness, the by no means-modifying point out past disorder and viruses, beyond the realm of opposites and the ever-modifying phenomenal world.

Put up meditation, thoughts and entire body return infused of overall health, return cosmically, bringing eternal bliss consciousness into every element of the material human body. Expression of this new bliss position via the human physiology as a result is crucial. It assures permanency of transcendental bliss standing in head, nervous program and throughout the whole cellular, molecular units, the wellbeing of which are principal in setting up disease-no cost consciousness and instant immune response to coronavirus. kingdom/s?k=The+Absolute+Key+by+Raymond+Phelan&ref=nb_sb_noss health&id=10442461—Primordial-Sound-of-Generation-and-the-Scriptures&id=9836137

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