EFT for Stress Management


Hans Selye coined the phrase ‘stress’ in 1936, he initial defined it as a non-specific reaction of the physique to any need in adjust, later on changing this to,

Anxiety is the rate of the put on and tear of your system.

So how stressed are you? Make sure you take a minute or two just to assume about it, then, score it -10, 10 currently being the worse. Preferably our pressure level ought to be in between -2 but existence can sometimes toss us a curve ball or two.

As a Reiki Learn a pair of my favourite techniques of serving to me to launch pressure is working with Emotional Freedom Technique and of study course, Reiki.


In 1995 Gary Craig, streamlined the follow of Thought Subject Remedy (TFT) to establish Emotional Independence Strategy or EFT for brief.

The basis of EFT is in Chinese acupuncture and psychology but in its place of applying needles, effectively-established meridian details on the upper overall body are tapped with the fingers.

Lots of moments we are impacted by tension, poor relationships or traumas. Melancholy, interpersonal complications and anxieties also have an impact on our wellness. These destructive feelings block the move of strength in our method and have a harmful outcome on our overall health. EFT allows in releasing these negative thoughts and resolving the trouble.

In the beginning, the practitioner will have a discuss with you in get to get the job done out the troubles that want to be tackled and from that, key phrases are established. The therapy then starts and consists of tapping a series of force factors on the upper entire body, facial area and hand even though repeating the phrase. There is certainly a good deal additional heading on below the surface area, but that’s the essential basic principle. Each and every round of treatment method may possibly also uncover further problems. If the difficulty or trouble is way too emotional then just by tapping on the meridian points will promptly relaxed the client down more than enough to then work on the Established Up Statement, this statement or affirmation is utilised by out the rounds of tapping.

EFT is a exclusive and basic physical exercise that calms you so that you can imagine a lot more plainly. Considering that it only can take a moment or two to full each and every spherical of tapping this helps make EFT a fast, effortless and really effective method which can be applied on any issue and any where to fantastic outcome.

EFT is a remedy that places you again in the driving seat.

Eft can aid with a amount of issues these kinds of as nervousness, fears & phobia’s, pain management, community speaking and significantly extra.

with love & light

Debs Cordery

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