Medisuggestion – The Economical Combination of Meditation and Autosuggestion

For individuals who know how to use them, meditation and autosuggestion are economical applications for influencing the mind and overall body. Although they are distinctive procedures that effects the unconscious, they are partially overlapping. This post shall review the solution of combining the two solutions in a way that will enable harnessing the benefits of both procedures. This selection will be referred to under as medisuggestion.

Meditation vs. Autosuggestion

The principal aim of meditation is comforting the soul. This objective is achieved by relaxation, shut eyes, regulated breathing, an endeavor to detach oneself from external stimuli and influences, avoidance of disturbing thoughts and the want to attain the “peaceful realm”. Some meditation methods incorporate the repeated self affirmation of a mantra, typically a meaningless word that incorporates syllables with no destructive connotations. Mediation has a suggestive affect on the body and head looking at that the individual making use of this system needs consciously to obtain peace and serenity even though consciously and unconsciously detaching from mundane anxieties. The meditating unique creates, in excess of time, a form of conditioning aimed at reaching relaxation whenever beginning the meditation course of action.

Although in meditation self suggestion is extra of an indirect and aspect influence of the relaxation technique, the self persuasion performed in the approach of autosuggestion is direct and intended to create a willful, directed and concentrated impression on the unconscious. Autosuggestion is a device for attaining a variety of aims and not only tranquility and interior serenity. Similarly to meditation, autosuggestion is also comprised of the consistent repetition of specific words. Meditation has the benefit of being a enjoyable and calm strategy in which time is not pressing. Autosuggestion, on the other hand, conveys the concept far more rapidly and specifically, but it lacks an organized process and supportive establishment. Equally meditation and autosuggestion are techniques that are not practiced persistently, irrespective of whether owing to their monotonous mother nature, the actuality that their success are not quickly evident, the truth that daily pressures and problems distract us from them and overtake our agenda, and no matter whether thanks to the much easier solution of working with chemical sedatives.

Medisuggestion – Combining the rewards of both solutions

Medisuggestion brings together autosuggestion and the technique of meditation. The notion is extremely basic: in its place of whispering a meaningless and vacant mantra in the course of meditation, regularly whisper terms of suggestive information, these as: “I am tranquil and serene, I am peaceful and tranquil, I am always tranquil and tranquil”. The concept will little by little permeate into your unconscious and when you are more calm, so will be your overall body, such as its autonomies.

Medisuggestion – How it operates

When we are tense and upset by a sizeable challenge that bothers us and interferes with our peace of brain, we may possibly expertise signs and symptoms resembling a slight emotional trauma, these types of as sleeplessness and recurring feelings of the very same difficulty, overrunning the daily schedule and refusing to allow up. The head is overcome by the concern in a manner that may well even interfere with our capability to functionality. In truth, 1 can get a sedative, but these types of an selection bears with it aspect results. It interferes with concentration, causes drowsiness and may possibly impair proper imagined processes, not to mention addiction and very long term results to the brain.

When we are in a state of medisuggestion, consistently whispering terms of self relaxation, we introduce a “new participant” into our mind. This player, showing up as the suggestive chant, little by little pushes aside the troublesome feelings and will take in excess of the brain in their stead, although conveying a information of peace and serenity to the body and soul. The successful suggestive effect is realized in two manners: A. The direct auto suggestive information B. The oblique method of meditation, i.e. every little thing encompassing us – the atmosphere, the perception of serenity and the conditioning. The effects of this method improves with follow. The “new player” gains electrical power and acquires power. As time goes by, these short-term concerns and tensions that bothered us and which medisuggestion helped us get rid of, fade absent and disappear. When we at the time once again enter a state of worry and tension and we repeat the schedule and common words and phrases of relaxation we perceive the temporal issues from a unique point of view. The aggravating and bothersome issue looks to be momentary and fleeting as when compared to that “participant” in our intellect, who has acquired encounter and verified itself.

Potential Results

Another benefit of this system over meditation is in its capacity to get ready us for an expected tough and nerve racking party, these types of as a billed encounter, annoying interview, challenging test, clarification discussion, trial, medical method and the likes. Making use of this system, we can express a private information for the upcoming, these kinds of as: “Tomorrow, during the job interview, I will be relaxed and serene” through repetition. This system also offers for other future strategies, these kinds of as: “I will be in focus” or “I will be self-assured”. This approach will increase the degree of focus when “getting the test”, as opposed to a sedative which might even impair focus levels.


Just after studying the approach and developing accustomed to it, there is no require to put into practice it every day, but somewhat when it is genuinely vital, and 10-20 minutes are ample for it to perform. The strategy is particularly efficient when it is most essential, i.e. when waking up at night time simply because of the frustrating difficulty. It is at this stage, when we are neither asleep nor awake, that our unconscious is far more exposed to suggestive influences, additional open to receive them and far more successfully influenced by them.

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